A Radical Goal Setting Approach to Accomplishing 90-Day Goals.

Amy Jacobs went from the corporate world to an Award-Winning Realtor and Relocation Specialist in Dallas, Texas. She has helped more than 700 families relocate from around the world to their Texan dream home in Dallas. Amy is the founder of the “Give Me a Break” Personal Concierge Service, which proudly serves clients since 2004.

But having suddenly found herself challenged with health issues that dragged her down to hit rock bottom, she knew her life had to change! Being confronted with some of life’s hardest challenges as well as ADD and ADHD, Amy discovered on a deeply transformational journey of self-development that SHE had the power to grant herself permission to accomplish her goals. This allowed her to finally experience a joyful, empowered life with some pretty incredible accomplishments, which inspired her to develop a system to achieve her own goals and build three successful businesses simultaneously.

Today, Amy’s number one passion in business is to empower entrepreneurs and driven individuals to stop playing small, to step into their power, and to realize that you are worthy of your passions and dreams – that you CAN create a life BY design and a life worth living, because your life MATTERS!

Track your goals by using best daily journal planner. Write each & every step of your journey. Best daily journal planner can helps you to accomplish the goal.  “The Best Daily Journal Planner To Achieve Anything You Want”. Amy is the proud mother of her two boys, Jeremy and Beau, who are her inspiration to stay strong and never give up. She loves music that lifts her soul up, enjoys traveling the world, and treasures spending time with dear friends and family, as well as her beloved dogs Buddy, Izzy, and Bella.

A Radical Goal Setting Journal to challenge you to Accomplish Your 90-Day Goals.

Whether you’re looking for a measurable tool or journal to record your daily committed actions and daily activities to achieve your goals, or keep track of milestones of your journey through the next 90 days and beyond. We are here to finally get you into committed action to accomplish the goals you want to achieve because your goals matter, you MATTER!

In the days to come, you can purchase and download Your Goals Now, Daily Commited Action Plan in one fillable downloadable form, straight from our website, that you can record and save right on your phone, No EXCUSES. We are keeping it simple for you to take massive action on your goals.

Your Goals Now steps you into committed action and gives you all the tools you need to focus on accomplishing your goals! Track and measure your daily commitments to achieve your goals with a daily plan, that puts you in position to create excellence in your life! By using our journal.

To Your Success,


" The HARDER you work for something, The GREATER you will feel when you achieve it!"


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